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Gutter Cleaning Calgary | Clogged Gutters? Never worry about that again

Never clean your gutters again

Gutter Cleaning Calgary | PROTECT YOUR home

Gutter Cleaning Calgary | All Weather Armour’s gutter guards and ice melt systems prevent buildup from occurring in your gutters, reduce long-term gutter and roof maintenance, and eliminate costly property damage.

There are so many good reasons to have Gutter Protection on your home. Beginning with your home’s re sale value.

Here are some big time considerations when making your decision to improve your home with Calgary Gutter protection.

1. By preventing debris cluttering up your gutters, you ensure there is no damage.
2. No need to clean gutters over and over again causing possible accidents and injuries from unnecessary time on top of ladders and roofs.
3. Help avoid mice infestation.
4. Help avoid insect entry points.
5. Help alleviate ice build up (dams) and frozen gutters that cause a good deal of damage.
6. Assisted fire protection from fire embers that may catch fire on leaves and gutter debris.
7. Improved water flow
8. Stop blockages in general.

Gutter Cleaning Calgary | ELIMINATE DAMAGE & DEBRIS

The buildup of leaves, pine needles, ice, or any other form of debris in your home’s gutters can cause serious exterior and interior damages that can cost a fortune to fix. It’s important your gutters stay clear of debris so water can properly drain.

Best on market Our materials are so much stronger. They have been designed to withstand harsh climate. Just like our Canadian winters. Having superior craftsmanship in your gutter protection system means increased peace of mind. We offer the “Once in a Lifetime” guarantee.

Believe us when we say we have seen a lot of reasons why having a permanent solution to cleaning your gutters and ice dams is so important.

Gutter cleaning and spring cleanup are two important tasks that homeowners should consider to maintain the appearance and functionality of their property. With Armourguard you do not need to Gutter Clean anymore. Gutter cleaning is a nasty, dangerous job and it involves removing debris such as leaves, sticks, and dirt from the gutters and downspouts to prevent clogs and water damage to the roof and walls.

This task is usually done in the fall or spring, but it can also be done as needed throughout the year.


Our gutter guards are the best on the market because they’re well engineered using high-quality materials. Our anodized heavy duty aluminum frame is designed to provide strength, durability, and facilitate capillary action that alternatives cannot provide, making our gutter guards superior in any weather or installation. The Micro Mesh screen is available in 50 or 30 surgical grade 316L stainless steel, meaning the holes are so small that only water can pass through.

Our CEO Steve Stewart talks about ag's superior quality

Hear from our owner Steve as he discusses the approach that Armourguard Canada takes to your home gutter protection project. Steve’s years of home improvement experience have led him to know how superior the Armourguard product is compared to anything on the market today.

Steve has over 25 years serving Canadians in home improvement. The AG commitment to excellence in customer service is number one for every employee of our company.

Gutter Cleaning Calgary | Gutter Guards

Armour Guard®

Best Gutter Guard of 2022: Keep leaves & ice dams out with Aluminum micro mesh guards

Armour Guard® Fascia Mount

This model mounts to your Fascia boards, away from your roof/shingles and protects your gutters from the accumulation of leaves and debris in your gutters and eliminates the need to clean and maintain your gutter system.

Armour Guard® Ice

ArmourGuard Ice gutter guards are the best way to prevent ice dams in your gutters and roof. This Heated gutter guard is effective and safe for everyday use.

Gutter Cleaning Calgary | Ice Armour

IceArmour® Valley Heat Panel

IceArmour® valley heat panels are essential for elaborate roof designs featuring extreme roof peaks and valleys

IceArmour® Gutter Heat Panel

IceArmour® gutter heat panels ensure proper water flow throughout a gutter system in freezing environments

IceArmour® Eave Heat Panel

IceArmour® eave heat panels stop ice dam formation from where they typically start to form, above the eaves

IceArmour® All Purpose Heat Panel

All Purpose Heat PanelIceArmour ® All Purpose heat panels are designed to keep ice and snow from a variety of misc. roof features like sky lights, chimneys, and solar panels

Why Armour Guard is best in gutter protection

They Look Great!

ArmourGuard Gutter Guards are elegant in design which make them aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Ice-Free Gutters & Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts stay ice free with the breakthrough technology of the Patented ArmourGuard-Ice® Heated Gutter Guard System.

Avoid Falling Ice & Icy Walkways

Eliminate Safety hazards from climbing ladders or with falling ice or ice buildup over entrance ways, walkways, garages and decks.

4 Season Protection

ArmourGuard-Ice® keeps out all leaves, pine needles, and debris during the summer while melting ice and snow during the winter.

Eliminate property damage

Eliminate Costly Property Damage with our Patented ArmourGuard Gutter Guards and our innovative IceArmour® ice melt systems.

Improve your property value

ArmourGuard Gutter Guards will add value to your home. Our award-winning system will last for years.


Keep your gutters debris-free with our gutter guard systems and stay worry-free with our 40 year transferrable warranty. Contact Armour Guard for more information.

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