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Alberta Eavestroughs | A Modernised Approach To Gutter Protection And Installation

Alberta Eavestroughs | Armour Guard Canada, the gutter protection solution that many Canadian homeowners choose to turn to. Here is why Armour Guard is such a sought-after product in the marketplace.

Armour Guard is a unique gutter protection solution that provides a worry-free installation and we guarantee a low-maintenance alternative to your old, problematic, and frequently clogged gutters.

With our patented design, that offers mesh covering on the top of the eavestrough that used to be exposed to the elements and all sorts of debris, Armour Guard has taken the marketplace by storm. Providing homeowners with an alternative to traditional Alberta Eavestroughs and maintenance-heavy gutters. 

Armour Guard offers a wide array of comprehensive gutter protection products. Providing Albertans with a high-quality, durable, and modern approach to gutter protection.


Armour Guard Gutter Protection stands out from the rest of the gutter protection products on the market due to its unique features and benefits. One of the exciting elements of Armour Guard technology is the Ice Armour heat panels. The Ice Armour Heat Panels use advanced technology to melt snow and ice from your roof which assists in the elimination of ice dams on your home.

An Ice Dam: is a pack of ice that forms on the edge of your home’s roof. Ice dams often prevent the flow of melting snow and water from running off the edge of your home’s roof. Which can ultimately cause the backed-up water from your roof to leak into your home, creating immeasurable amounts of damage.

Armour Guard offers a great solution for homeowners that live in cold climates such as Alberta. The Ice Armour Heat Panels use self-regulating heating technology that turns on automatically when the temperature drops below a certain level. The product also counters overflow from your roof during a thaw, which poses a slipping hazard on the walking surfaces below. Armour Guard prevents the formation of ice dams and protects against water dripping from the gutter which causes erosion and the formation of ice.

Now that your roof is free of ice buildup, debris, and everything is running quite smoothly. You will have more quality time to enjoy spent inside of your home this year as opposed to maintaining the outside of it.

With professional Armour Guard installers available in Calgary the entire process is an effortless endeavour. The Gutter Repair Calgary company with a depth of experience will provide a worry-free installation process and can answer any questions that you may have about their product.

Armour Guard stands out from the rest of the Gutter Protection Calgary products on the market due to its superior protection, durability, customization, easy installation, low maintenance, and unique features such as the Armour Guard Ice with Ice Armour Heat Panels.

By choosing the Armour Guard Ice with Ice Armour Heat Panels, you are choosing a product that provides superior protection against ice dams that also offers added value to your investment.

Require assistance with an installation? Call Armour Guard today to have the entire process taken care of for you.